contractorpic10The ContractorCheck Standards establish the Health & Safety criteria against which the applications are assessed. The score to achieve accreditation is necessarily high to reflect the standards expected by ContractorCheck clients. Contractors are grouped as high, medium or low risk, depending on the nature of their activities. Standards are also set for insurance levels. Some clients set additional specific insurance requirements in order for contractors to be included on their approved list.

The Standards cover core elements such as policies, risk assessment, first aid, as well as specific requirements relating to the activity for which accreditation is sought. Due to the variation in contractor applicants in terms of work activities, size and nature, our Standards are deliberately non-prescriptive. This allows the auditor to use best judgment and experience as to the specific level of evidence required to demonstrate compliance.

Members of the ContractorCheck team will review the criteria and changes may be made and procedures updated accordingly.